The Eyes Have It

As you can hopefully imagine, there is a whole plethora of ‘rules’ graphic designers need to be aware of. From colour connotations to thinking about where the readers eye goes when looking at a magazine or brochure.

Leading the eye – simple tricks to make the eye do what you want it to.

Eyes to the right
Note the way the image leads the eye to the right, encouraging you to turn the next page.
Eyes to the left
When the image points to the left, it encourages your eye to go to the left too, pulling you back into the spread.
Cover examples left and right
This is especially relevant on a front cover. Notice the way the image on the left encourages you to open the magazine while the image on the right stops your eye, encouraging it to go left to follow the direction of the image.

So, for instance, if you’re designing a cover of a magazine or brochure you’ll want people to turn the page and continue reading (image facing to the right). But, with a press ad you’ll want people to stop and stay on your page (Image facing to the left). Something subtle I know, but gives you an example of one of the many things graphic designers should be aware of when designing.

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