Typography a forgotton art?

Kerning – Do you know what kerning is and how to adjust it?
Kerning is the space between individual letters. For instance ‘A and V would need to be closer together than H and E.

Kerning examples
Note how much closer the A and V are together to make the spacing visually correct.

Normally this will be set by the font designer and should, with the more expensive fonts from the likes of Adobe, be set up correctly. But, and don’t get me wrong I’m all for using free fonts, the cheaper the font the worse the kerning can be.

Kerning mistakes
Make sure your kerning doesn’t allow your words to be misinterpreted.

Tracking incidentally, while similar, is actually adjusting the space between all the characters of a word or sentence not just two letters to give you ‘G r e y s t o k e’ as opposed to ‘Greystoke’.

Quotation Marks
Curly quotes and flat feet. One of my pet hates is the use of “idiot quotes” (sorry, that’s probably a bit harsh). The use of the foot and inch marks instead of quotation and apostrophe marks.

Quote marks versus feet and inch marks
Quotation marks are different to inch marks.

Paying attention to these small details can make all the difference between a design looking professional or amateurish.

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